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Frequently Asked Questions - Grievance Redressal

1. How do I lodge the grievance?

The grievances can be lodged online on “1905punjab.gov.in” In places where internet facility is not available or even otherwise; the citizen can call on the Toll-free number 1905 to lodge his/ her grievance.

2. What happens when I lodge the grievance?

The grievance is acknowledged online on “1905punjab.gov.in”or over call at 1905. A unique registration number is given to each grievance submitted online or by call. This registration number will help the citizen in tracking his/ her grievance.

3. How can one enter the grievance in Punjabi?

For entering the information in Punjabi, Citizen has simply press F9 key on the keyboard.

4. How can i get assured that my grievance has been received?

Once the grievance is submitted, the “View Status of grievance here” option will display the information regarding current status and assignment details.

5. How do I track my grievance?

It may be tracked on the “1905punjab.gov.in” by clicking “View Status of grievance here” link and entering the unique registration number. Further, the system generated sms/ email shall be sent timely to the citizen for his/ her information.

6. What happens to the grievances? How are the grievances dealt with in Punjab Government Departments?

Every Department has a designated Nodal Officer as its ‘Grievances Officer’. He / She is the nodal officer for redressal of grievances on work areas allocated to that particular Department. The Nodal Officer coordinates and monitors the efficacious disposal of grievances.

7. What is the time limit for redress of grievance?

Thirty (30) days.

8. What are the types of grievances which are not taken up for redress on this portal?

a) Subjudice cases or any matter concerning judgment given by any court

b) Transfers and postings.

c) RTI matters.

9. After redress, can the grievance be reopened for further correspondence about it having been closed without details etc.?

No. In such situations, the citizen will have to lodge a fresh grievance drawing reference to the closed grievance, and call for details. Also the citizen would have an option to give his/her feedback which would be examined by the Chief Coordinator of Punjab 1905.

10. What are structured formats of grievance?

In the larger public interest and for focused receipt of grievances, certain key issues have been identified in around ten departments of the Government (To start with. Preparation of such formats for all departments are under process). Accordingly, structured formats for lodging grievances vis- a- vis identified areas have been prepared. The endeavour is to provide facility to the citizen for lodging specific grievances. These structured formats will help the concerned department for better monitoring of citizen grievances and would also provide a scope for future course correction.

The citizen is requested to fill the details of grievance in structured formats. Where, the citizen feels that his/her area of grievance is not covered in the categories specified in the format, he may use the “Miscellaneous” option and write details of grievance in the space provided in “Grievance Description/ Suggestion Column”.

11. Do I need to create specific login for submitting my grievance request?

Grievance can be directly submitted on the “1905punjab.gov.in” portal by any citizen. No specific login credentials are required.

12. Can one attach the supporting document with his/ her grievance?

Yes, one can upload a single file of maximum size of 2 MB (.pdf or .jpg) while lodging the grievance. It can contain more than one document but the size should be within 2 MB limit. Note: Please ensure that file attached along with the grievance is virus free, otherwise you will not able to upload the grievance.

13. How to get the final reply?

When the grievance is disposed of, the final reply will be available under “View Status of grievance here” option. The same will also be sent to you on your email along with SMS intimation.

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