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Nodal Officers of Public Grievances in Govt. Of Punjab

Nodal officers in departments of Government of Punjab:-

Sr. No. Department Nodal Officer Name Nodal Officer Designation Nodal Officer Office Address Nodal Officer Land Line Number E-mail ID of Department
1 Public Works (PWD) Shri.Parminderjit Singh Executive Engineer Mini Sectt. Block C, Sec-9 Chandigarh 0172-2702608 acs.pw@punjab.gov.in
2 Civil Aviation Shri Simarpreet Singh Under Secy. cum chief administrative Officer Direct Civil Aviation,S.C.O.No. 1068 69, Sec-22, B, Chd 0172-2707608 psca@punjab.gov.in
3 Planning Shri Harbans Singh, Director Director


Punjab Raj Planning Board, S.C.O.No. 70-72, Sec-17/D, Chd 0172-2702597 psplanning@punjab.gov.in

4 Revenue Smt. VeenaKumari, Under Secy. Under Secy. Room No.37, Second Floor, Main Sectt. 0172-2740611 fcr@punjab.gov.in
5 General Administration Shri Balwant Singh, P.S.S-1 Joint Secy. Office Room No.4, 7 Floor, Main Sectt. Chd, , Sec- 19-C, Chd 0172-2745921 c@punjab.gov.in
6 Food Processing Shri Anoop Singh Superintendent Director Food Processing, sco 44-45 1st floor, SAS Nagar 0172-7050506 secy.fs@punjab.gov.in
7 Industries and Commerce Shri Gurmeet Singh Deputy Director (Administration) Room No. 205, phase-17, building sec-17, chd 0172-2701367 psic@punjab.gov.in
8 Forest and Wild Life Shri Basant Raj Kumar Chief conservation Forest Sec-68, Forest Bhawan, S.A.S.Nagar 0172-2298014 fcf@punjab.gov.in
9 Personnel Shri Mahinder Singh Prasher Under Secy. Room No. 5, 6-Floor, Main Sectt. P.B.X. 4768 secy.pers@punjab.gov.in
10 Irrigation Shri Gurinder Singh Executive Engineer Room No. 202, 2nd Floor, Hydrial Building, Sec-18, Chd 01722775186 psip@punjab.gov.in
11 Tourism and Cultural Affair Shri Navjotpal Singh Randhawa Vice Secy. Plot No. 3, Sec-38, A, Chd 01722694889 secy.tour@punjab.gov.in
12 Jails Sh. Roop Kumar Inspector General Director General of Police(jails), Punjab, sco. 8-9, Ratan Building, Sec-17, A, Chd 01722703460 ps.jail@punjab.gov.in
13 Social Security, Development of Women and Child Shri Charanjit Singh Maan Deputy Director SCO No. 102-103, Sec-34- A, Chd 01722608746 sssb@punjab.gov.in
14 Employment Generation and Training Shri Rajinder singh Siddhu Deputy Director S.S.F. 46-47, Sec- 17-A, Chd. 01722703842 psegt@punjab.gov.in
15 Freedom Fighter Smt. Saranjeet Kaur Superintendent Room No.524, 5th Floor, Mini Sectt. Sec-9, Chd. 01722742243 , Ext. 419 Secy.ff@punjab.gov.in
16 Housing and Urban Development Shri Mahinder Singh Sood Superintendent

Room No. 402., 4thth Floor, Mini Sectt. Sec-9, Chd. 01722742243 , Ext. 315 ps.hud@punjab.gov.in
17 Science Technology and Environment Shri Tejinder Singh Dhaliwal (I.A.S) Special Secretary

Room No. 207, 2nd Floor, Minni Sectt. Chd, Sec- 9 01722749314 sstepunjab@gmail.com
18 Investment Promotion Shri Ashwani Kumar Sharma Assistant Controller PBIP, Industry Bhawan, Sec-17, Chd. 0172-05256479 psip@progressivepunjab. gov.in
19 Technical Education MP Arora Director Technical Education Plot No.1, Sec-36, Chd. 0172-5022367 secy.te@punjab.gov.in
20 Sports and Youth Shri Rahul Gupta(PCS) Special Secretary Room No. 612, 6th Floor, Mini Sectt. Sec-9, Chd 0172-2742243 secy.yh@punjab.gov.in
21 Welfare of SC and BC Smt Bindu Walia Additional Director Director Welfare (SC and BC) S.C.O. 128-129, Sec- 34 A, Chd 01722602912 secretarywelfare811@gmail .com
22 Water Supply and Sanitation Shri J.J Goyal XEN 0175- 2212039 N/A
23 School Education Shri Manoj Kumar Asstt. Director Ph-8, Mohali 0172-5212308 psse@punjab.gov.in
24 Medical Education& Research Shri Davinderpal Singh Under Secy. Room No. 5, Block-A, Mini Sectt. 0172-2742243 md.phsc@punjab.gov.in
25 Local Government Shri Anil Kumar Kansal Chief Engineer cum Chief Vigilance Officer

Director of Local Govt. , Punjab, Sec-17, Chd 0172-2704894 secy.lg@punjab.gov.in
26 Higher Education Shri T K Goyal Special Secretary Mini Sectt. Sec-9, Chd., Room No. 406, 4th Floor 0172-2741064 pshe@punjab.gov.in
27 Finance ShriParveen Kumar Thind, (I.A.S) Additional Secy. Main Sectt., 7th Floor, Room No.8, Chd. 0172-2742351 psf@punjab.gov.in
28 ADGP (Law and Order) ShriB.K.Garg, (I.P.S) Inspector General Police, Law and Orders Room No.207, 2nd Floor, Punjab Police Head Quarter, Sec-9, Chd. 0172-2749997 Igplawandorder.pb.@gmail .com
29 Home Affairs and Justice ShriHarchand Singh Under Secy. Main Sectt. 8th Floor, Room No.1, Sec-1, Chd 0172-2740611 , Ext. No. 4822 psh@punjab.gov.in
30 Labour ShriSatnam Singh Nodal Officer cum Deputy Labour Commissioner Sec- 17, S.C.O. 47-48, Chd 01722702486 psl@punjab.gov.in
31 Power ShriLakhbir Singh Makdonnan Superintendent Power Branch, Room No. 315 0172-2742243 , Ext. 202 secy.power@punjab.gov.in
32 Financial Commissioner Development (Agriculture) ShriDaljit Singh Special Secy. Room No. 204, 2nd Floor, Mini Sectt. 01722743425 fcd@punjab.gov.in
pswss@punjab.gov.in, fcd@punjab.gov.in
33 Health Dr.PawanJgota In-charge Malaria cell Room No.503, O/o Director Health Services Punjab, Sector 34, Chd. 01722603276 pshfw@punjab.gov.in
34 Excise and Taxation Sh. Kamalpreet Singh ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer) O/o AETC Mobile Wing, Bhupindra Road,


0175-2200311 fct@punjab.gov.in
35 Rural Development and Panchayats ShriPooran Chand Deputy Director Ist Floor, VikasBhawan, Phase 8, Mohali 0172-5063522 fc.rdp@punjab.gov.in
36 Transport Shri N.P. Singh Purchase Officer Transport O/o Director State Transport, Sector 17, Chd. 0172-2704112 pstpt@punjab.gov.in
37 Animal Husbandry Dr. K.P. S. Pasricha Veterinary Officer Sec- 17, Chd. 0172-2701291 fcah@punjab.gov.in
38 Foodand Civil Supplies Smt. Simarjit Kaur Deputy Director Sec-17, Chd. 01722741046 secy.fs@punjab.gov.in
39 Information Technology S. Gurnam Singh Superintendent SCO No. 193- 95, Sec- 34 A, Chd. 0172-2661808 2604395 psit@punjab.gov.in
40 Mandi Board ShriAmarpalSahni DGMP(IT) N/A 01725101650 fcd@punjab.gov.in
41 NRI Affairs Satish Kumar Superintendent

A Block Mini Sectt. Basement 01722742243 psnripunjab@gmail.com
42 Defence Welfare Lt. Colonel (Retd.)Parminder Singh Bajwa Deputy Director Head Qtr. Ground Floor, Sec- 21, Chd 01722707345 ps.dsw@punjab.gov.in
43 Vigilance ShriHakam Singh Joint Secy. Vigilance Mini Sectt. Sec-9 Chd 01722743535 Secy.vb@punjab.gov.in
44 Public Relation ShriDhiman Superintendent 5th Floor ,MainSectt. Sec-1, Chd. 01722740611 psipr@punjab.gov.in
45 Cooperation ShriSudhir Kumar Batish Addional Registrar Sector 17 CHD. 01725046803 fccoop@punjab.gov.in

Nodal Officers in the District:-

Sr. No. District Name of officer Designation Office Contact number Email
1. S.B.S.Nagar Ms.Sarabjeet Kaur (P.C.S) P.G.O D.C. Office 01823-220545 dc.nsr@punjab.gov.in

2. Kapurthala Dr. Mandeep Kaur(P.C.S) P.G.O D.C.Office 01822-233744 dc.kpr@punjab.gov.in

3. Amritsar Shri Vikas Hira P.G.O D.C.Office 0183-222722 dc.asr@punjab.gov.in
4. Sangrur Ms.Manpreet Kaur (P.C.S) P.G.O/SDM D.C.Office 01672234038 dc.sgr@punjab.gov.in
5. Barnala Ms.Charumita (P.C.S) P.G.O D.C.Office 01679244364 dc.brn@punjab.gov.in

6. Pathankot Shri Kuldeep Singh (P.C.S) D.D.P.O D.C.Office 01862220450 dc.pkt@punjab.gov.in

7. Shri Muktsar Sahib Shri Gopal Singh(P.C.S) D.T.O D.C.Office 01633262664 dc.mks@punjab.gov.in

8. Moga Ms. Anita Darsi P.G.O D.C.Office 01636-237096 dc.mog@punjab.gov.in
9. S.A.S. Nagar Ms.Avneet Kaur P.G.O D.C.Office 0172-2225220 dc.mhl@punjab.gov.in
10. Jalandhar Ms.DamandeepKaur P.G.O D.C.Office 01812224806 dc.jal@punjab.gov.in

11. Roop Nagar Ms. Surbhi Malik(P.C.S) P.G.O D.C.Office 01881221154 dc.rpr@punjab.gov.in
12. Ferozpur Shri Ranjeet Singh P.G.O D.C.Office 01632244054 dc.frz@punjab.gov.in
13. Mansa Shri Om Prakash(P.C.S) P.G.O D.C.Office 01652229420 dc.mns@punjab.gov.in

14. Faridkot Shri Harbans Singh P.G.O D.C.Office 01639251043 dc.frd@punjab.gov.in

15. Patiala Smt. Salinder Kaur P.G.O D.C.Office 01752311310 dc.ptl@punjab.gov.in

16. Bathinda Shri Roop singh D.T.O D.C.Office 01642221042 dc.btd@punjab.gov.in

17. Gurdaspur Shri Amit Gupta P.G.O D.C.Office 01874245379 dc.grd@punjab.gov.in

18. Tarntarn Shri Amrinder Singh Tiwana P.G.O D.C.Office 01852224102 dc.trn@punjab.gov.in

19. Fazilka Shri Jagdish Sahgill P.G.O D.C.Office 01638264555



20. Ludhiana Dr. Kannu Thind (P.C.S) P.G.O D.C.Office 01612400503 dc.ldh@punjab.gov.in

21. Hoshiarpur Shri Amarjit Singh P.G.O D.C.Office 01882240388 dc.hsr@punjab.gov.in
22. Fatehgarh Sahib Shri Raj Kumar P.G.O./SDM D.C.Office 01763232165 dc.fth@punjab.gov.in

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